Sunday, September 30, 2012

Hey guys,

Sorry for the weeks of no new posts. Life got hectic, damn life getting in the way of everything. I haven't been playing much SWTOR lately, just getting on to do Ops when my guildies text me. I have however been doing alot of 40k and even more of the WOW TCG.

I have played Magic: The Gathering for about the last 4 years of my life. It's been off and on but I've played quite a bit. About two weeks ago when I was at my local hobby store a buddy of mine who has been playing Magic for the last 20 years, told me and Kenny that he switched to the WoW card game. We both played a few games with him and were instantly hooked. I've always been a fan of WoW but the video game has turned me off quite a bit. Over the past two weeks, our buddy, Chase, has let Kenny and I make 5 decks each. And I must say I love the card game and urge you all to at least give it a try. I will even build and send people decks if they don't have the money or don't know where to start.

That's all for now guys. I will have a detailed review of the WoW TCG up soon and a comparison to Magic. I will also have pictures the 40k army that I am working on, along with a fun conversion I am doing.


Monday, August 27, 2012

SWTOR Character Info

Just wanted to send my info your guys's way.

I play on the server Drooga's Pleasure Barge and all my characters are named Sawbones. I am a Guildmaster of Eternal Mayhem. Pretty easy to find me if you search for my guild.
Hey Guys..and Girls :P,

Just wanted to throw up a little intro about myself and what this blog is about. I made this blog to share my thoughts on certain MMOs, Warhammer 40k and other nerdy things. I've been playing MMOs for about 9 years now and 40k for about 6. I have recently been playing SW: The Old Republic and most my posts will be about SWTOR until I break my Space Wolves out and start painting and playing again. Had to take a break when I moved sadly, so I'm a little behind on the new rules and what not. I will be posting 40k tactics, lists, pictures, battle reports and other random assorted things. For SWTOR, I will keep everyone up to date on any changes and will be posting guides and the sort. If there is anything in the realm of MMO's or 40k that you have questions or comments about feel free to share them. WARNING narcissism to follow. I am a pretty experienced MMO player and I like to think that I have a lot of experience and knowledge about these things. I'm also a 40k pretty good player. Over the last 6 years I have grown  from getting beaten by anyone to being able to win games against some of the top players in the State, most of whom are very good friends of mine and have taught me alot about the game whether or not they realized they did.

 That's all my ramblings for the day, I will post as often as I can.